The women from Harry Potter in real life

The world of Harry Potter is filled with a handful of talented women who’ve managed to enchant their way into our hearts. From Hermione Granger, to Luna Lovegood, to Nymphadora Tonks, to any of the other talented ladies, you get the point we’re making here.

In the film series, it took some truly talented actresses to bring those awesome characters to life. Here’s what they look like when they aren’t casting spells at evil wizards, and getting involved in Hogwarts drama. When you see what they’re like now, you’ll be glad we brought you along for the ride.

[post_page_title]Maggie Smith as Minerva McGonagall[/post_page_title]

Unfortunately, letters from Hogwarts keep getting lost in the mail for Potterheads out there, but that doesn’t stop us dreaming of being sorted into Gryffindor House, and being looked after by Gryffindor’s stern Head of House, Professor McGonagall.

As one of the favorite characters in the franchise, Minerva McGonagall proves how easy it is to be a strong, independent and talented woman in the wizarding world.

[post_page_title]Maggie Smith now [/post_page_title]

Although she will forever be remembered as Minerva McGonagall to those who grew up in the Harry Potter age (Go, go, Gryffindor), Maggie Smith has also formed a lengthy resume during her acting career.

In fact, Maggie has been acting for a whopping six decades and has become one of the most easily recognizable English actresses in the modern world. Over the course of her career, Maggie has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows and is just like her Downton Abbey character in real life.

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