31 highest paying jobs in the U.S. in 2018

[post_page_title]Financial Manager – $134,330[/post_page_title]

As a financial manager, you will carry out one of the most important jobs in the business world. Your role will be to supervise and look after the financial side of companies.

In your capacity as a financial manager, you will need to plan all the finances out for the business and make sure you come up with a tight budget. With a job so detail-oriented, and one that could end in financial ruin, it’s no surprise you’re paid handsomely for your time.

[post_page_title]IT Manager – $141,000[/post_page_title]

Computers make the world go round, and it’s fair to say that, no matter what profession you work in, you will need to use computers. If you have an interest in IT, and how computer systems work, you should consider becoming an IT manager.

This is a role in which you will be able to supervise the hardware and software a business uses. You can put protections and IT security in place, and, you’ll be able to help make the company run more smoothly.

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