The most hilarious T-Shirt fails of all time

We’ve all seen the funny t-shirts with the slogans, the ones your dad probably loves to embarrass you in. Well sometimes those t-shirts lead to hilarious circumstances and situations that are just too funny to miss, but luckily for us, many of these moments have been documented for the world to sit back and laugh at. So please, the next time you see someone with a hilarious, ironic, or downright inept t-shirt on, take a snap and upload it for us all to enjoy!

Below are some of the funniest, strangest and most creative slogan t-shirts you are likely to see. A lot of the people wearing them have found themselves in trouble, or unfortunate situations, but they are all hilarious and surely not to be forgotten. We know that the friends of these people will not let them forget in a hurry how embarrassing the moments are and we hope you don’t forget them anytime soon either.

Often taking a lot of confidence, our shirt wearers show no shame and wear their hilarious garments with pride and with no hint of understanding the irony that the rest of us can all see. Motivational or delusional, you can be the judge. Hopefully, you can also spot the spelling and grammar errors our unfortunate fail victims missed with hilarious outcomes.

[post_page_title]Maybe she really likes art[/post_page_title]

It would be fair to assume that the young woman in the picture loves college but maybe does not place too much importance on spelling. Or possibly she really just loves a good piece of art that is thrown together using images to make one large image – a ‘collage.’

For all we know she could be wearing this t-shirt ironically and actually has a PhD in English literature, only she truly knows what is going on here.

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