Intimate details about the life of Brooke Burke

Let’s be honest, we were all jealous of that person at school who could do everything – and Brooke Burke is that person. However, there’s just something about her that stops us from hating her and her overwhelming talent, and we can’t help but be madly and utterly in love with her. As a TV host, actress, model, dancer and businesswoman, Brooke has been able to influence various sectors within the world of show business, which means she has fans across the world.

Not only has she showcased her beauty by posing for the likes of Playboy, but Brooke has also proved that she can be serious when hosting shows for major television companies. As if that wasn’t cool enough, Brooke shimmied and shook while on the reality show, Dancing With The Stars, and made us even more jealous of her talent. In fact, it’s totally not fair. Share the talent, Brooke!

After such a successful career as a youngster, you would have thought that this 46-year-old would want to take a break from being perfect to chill out for a while – but that’s just not her style. Now more than ever, Brooke is proving to the world that age is just a number and that she can be just as fabulous as Hollywood’s newcomers… Or even better! But have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors in the life of Brooke Burke? Well, you might want to check out these interesting facts about her, because they’re bound to surprise you.

[post_page_title]She has a colorful ancestry[/post_page_title]

Part of what makes Brooke so interesting is the colorful ancestry behind her. This amazing woman has countless ethnicities running through her blood. Brooke’s biological father is half-French and half-Irish, her mother is Portuguese, and she was later brought up by a stepfather who is Armenian. After being adopted as a child, Brooke’s mother was raised in a Jewish home and ultimately converted to the religion. Brooke has also practiced her Jewish faith and has raised her children within the religion.

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