Juicy facts about Monster Garage

Set up over thirty years ago now, The Discovery Channel is one of the most watched cable and satellite television channels in the world, available to around 409 million households across the globe. When it first started out, the focus was on science, technology and history documentaries. However, from the early 2010s, they expanded their programming to include reality television shows, which has greatly increased its popularity. Some of their most-watched reality shows include Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, and Fast N’ Loud. However, one of the most talked about reality shows to have been aired on The Discovery Channel was Monster Garage. Combining an edgy host, a ton of automobiles, and a team of gearheads, Monster Garage had all the makings of a successful reality show. While it may now be over, this series had plenty of rollercoaster moments over the years – both on-screen and behind the scenes.

Reality TV has become big business over the last few decades. Shows such as Lizard Lick Towing and Dog the Bounty Hunter may allude to being insights into the real life of these businessmen and women, and their respective jobs, that isn’t always the case. In fact, plenty of reality TV shows have come under fire for being scripted or adding extra drama to episodes. It has become commonplace to see disclaimers before a reality show now, that explains some scenes have been dramatized to enhance the programme. However, some reality TV shows seem not to be scripted or fake at all. There are plenty of shows that roll with the punches (quite literally) and just let the drama happen on its own. Monster Garage definitely seemed as though much of the drama was real, but was that really the case? Were these team of car experts really building these cars all by themselves? Or was there something else going on behind the camera?

When Monster Garage first aired, it became an instant hit. Mainly thanks to the star of the show, Jesse James. The rugged biker and car lover had already been a big hit with The Discovery Channel viewers and was given the chance to shine in Monster Garage. However, while he may have come across as one cool cucumber in front of the viewers, not everything was as it seemed when the cameras stopped rolling. With a personal life that has been more of a rollercoaster than five people trying to turn a Cadillac into a hearse, Jesse James has plenty of secrets. Let’s delve into the juicy facts behind the Monster Garage show and its colorful host.

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The premise of Monster Garage was simple. A team of people would “rip, grind and burn” their way through a standard looking car, to turn it into a monster. Each team would consist of five people, with experience in modifications, mechanics and fabricating. If the team managed to turn their car into what host Jesse James wanted, then they would win themselves a set of expensive Mac tools. While the premise was simple, what went on behind the scenes was far from it.

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