People who already regret waking up today

If we could, we would totally stay in bed every single day of our lives. We would create the best human burrito the world ever did see, we’d order takeout for every meal, and we’d spend our life online shopping. Of course, we know that would be totally impossible and unhealthy – but we can dream, right? One of the main reasons we like to stay in the comfort of our own home is because the outside world is pretty unpredictable. Because of this, many people still believe in ancient superstitions that allow them to take control of their lives. They might avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk in case they receive some bad news, they might run away from a black cat in the street to avoid having bad luck for the rest of the day, and they daren’t even go near mirrors just in case they drop it and obtain a full seven years of bad luck.

Yet, no matter how many things people do to ward off these problems – they still occur. In fact, most of us receive some bad luck every now and then and have to deal with the fact that life is not perfect. Considering it happens so often, we’ve now learned to laugh it off. Whether you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or whether you brought these problems on yourself, we can bet your day will never be as bad as these people who already regret waking up today…

[post_page_title]It’s good luck, right?[/post_page_title]

Yes, we know what they all say. Sure, we know that it’s supposed to be lucky if a bird does its business on you – but we have a feeling the owner of this car won’t be finding the bird in question and shaking its wing to say thanks. Instead, the owner of this car will be finding the bird in question and asking it why it has something against that particular make and model. After all, the car behind is perfectly clean. We think we’d just throw the car away.

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