Real Housewives of Atlanta: drama and facts from behind the scenes

[post_page_title]NeNe’s acting career[/post_page_title]

How shocked was America when we first saw RHOA’s very own NeNe Leakes on Fox’s Glee? Let’s just say, it took a while for it to really sink it. But good for her! Who would have known that NeNe is actually a pretty talented comedic actress? She played Cheerios coach Roz Washington on the series from 2012-2015, and also played a recurring role as Rocky Rhoades on NBC’s The New Normal. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to land any more roles and has since returned to RHOA. This could be due to the fact that everyone sees her as the overly dramatic and opinionated NeNe from RHOA.

NeNe’s acting career

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