These strange-looking chimps left zoo keepers baffled

Most of us have experienced feeling different than the people around us. Maybe you were teased as a child for a specific physical feature like your height or weight. Feeling as though we are unequal to our peers can cause a feeling of loneliness and isolation and can even stop us from approaching new people or creating relationships. Everyone just wants to be accepted and it is no fun to be on the outside looking in. Thankfully, our years in school do not last forever and as we mature, most of us find friends who accept us for who we are.

While humans can often be rude or exclusionary, the animal kingdom is generally harsher. Sometimes it is eat or be eaten and as such, animals have learned to defend themselves from predators. If an animal looks or acts differently from its peers, it might cause some tension in the group. Many people believed that this was the case for a group of chimpanzees at a zoo.

A video circulated online and it created quite a controversy among animal lovers. Chimpanzees at a zoo in England were seen aggressively fighting with one another and viewers of the video were stunned by the primates behavior. Some even accused the zoo keepers of abusing the animals and causing them to lash out.

The zookeepers were apprehensive to introduce two new chimps into a group due to their strange appearance. Their concerns might have been valid as these odd looking chimps did not seem to be welcome in a group of other chimps. The way the group of chimps reacted to the new members is distressing and caused many people to express their surprise online. But did the chimps appearance really cause them to attack each other?

[post_page_title]Two new chimps[/post_page_title]

Zoo keepers at Twycross in England were worried after they received two curious looking new animals. There were unsure how the other chimpanzees would react to the newcomers and even though they might have a violent response. They prepared for the worst as they released the chimps into his new habitat. The zookeepers were stunned as the chimpanzees interacted.

Two new chimps

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