Where the cast of Step by Step (1991-1998) is nowadays

When you turn on your TV, there’s a high chance that you don’t have to spend too long searching through the channels before you land on a sitcom. After all, the world of entertainment is full of sitcoms that will make you laugh out loud for hours on end. While modern shows within this genre are pretty funny, it’s fair to say that the ‘90s produced some of the best sitcoms that we’ve ever seen – and Step by Step was one of them.

This show made its debut in 1991 and continued to make families laugh across the globe for seven sevens across seven wonderful years. Following the Lamberts and the Fosters, this show ventures into the realm of blended families and how shoving step-siblings in the same house might not always be as easy and as breezy as some would imagine. Nevertheless, it was clear to see that these guys all loved each other dearly, even though that love was shoved deep, deep down. It’s been over two decades since this show left our screens, but have you ever wondered what the cast of Step by Step is up to now?

[post_page_title]Alexandra Adi – Samantha Milano [/post_page_title]

Although Alexandra Adi may have been introduced in the penultimate season of Step by Step, that doesn’t mean that people have forgotten about her amazing character. That’s because this leading lady was cast as JT’s girlfriend, and this was kind of a big deal.

Alexandra Adi as Samantha Milano – Then

Although many people questioned JT and his ability to actually have a loving relationship, it was clear that there was a deep connection between these two. She’s the saucy mechanic, and he’s the hunk who thinks that she’s the one. Samantha appeared in 13 episodes from 1997 until 1998.

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