Her dad was mocked for his English skills but this story has a happy ending

Social media. A platform on the internet that over 2.5 billion people around the world use. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat – there are a huge number of sites and apps that keep us up to date with our favorite friends, family members, and celebrities. In the last few years, the popularity of social media has exploded. Smartphones have made it possible to carry these platforms around in our pocket; we are never more than a swipe of the finger away from unlocking the door to these people’s online lives. With the growth of the population and more people now having access to the internet, this number is only expected to grow. Sadly, the internet can become a harsh and dangerous place, but on the flip side, people can also use the internet in some of the most beautiful ways. For this family, it was the internet that brought the world together after one harsh email.

Of all the social media sites, Facebook comes out on top with 1.5 billion profiles. However, Twitter is quickly catching up. Those 280 characters can give the world quick, to the point opinions or catch ups on the day. Plus the website is perfect for keeping up to date with the stars of the world. Each month new viral posts circle the internet with a lot of them first appearing on Twitter. Whether it be a meme, gif, or quote, nothing can hide from these 330 million Tweeters. Excitingly, the site has now made a profit for the first time since its launch back in 2006. It looks as though this site is only set to grow as more and more people sign up.

For young Emily Huynh, it was Twitter that helped restore her faith in humanity. Sadly too many children are forced to watch as their parents struggle to adjust after immigrating to different countries. Whether it is the cultural differences or the language barrier, the isolation from the rest of the community can be a hard thing to watch anyone go through, let alone your parent. Emily could sit back no longer – it was time that it all changed. The youngster just wasn’t sure how to combat the issues her father had been facing for the last 23 years. So how was she about to prove to her dad that everything was going to be alright? By breaking the internet, that’s how.

[post_page_title]The power of the internet[/post_page_title]

Over the last several years the internet has come together in a bid to right the wrongs in the world. Whether it is by outing the bullies and keyboard warriors of the internet or joining forces to reunite lost loved ones – the internet is an incredible place that can do mighty things. So in January 2017 when there was an issue that needed the help of the world, everyone joined forces once again. Although people say social media can damage our health, it can also achieve something incredible…

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