Epic times people have hilariously changed Wikipedia pages

The true emotion

There are plenty of websites in the world. More than 1.8 billion to be precise. Although many of these websites get no visitors a month, some of them are the largest on the Internet. Google is the most visited, closely followed by YouTube, and then Facebook. However, taking home the fifth biggest website in the world is Wikipedia. The informative site has pages upon pages filled with information about almost everything in the world. But you have to trust what’s written on Wikipedia at your own risk.

One of the great things about Wikipedia is the fact that anyone can suggest their edits, but this can also be a drawback of the site as well. If you notice something is incorrect or needs updating, then why wait for someone else to edit the correction when you could do it yourself? Although it can save a ton of time, because anyone who wants to can edit the pages, you never know what someone might choose to write there. This has led to some epic moments where people have hilariously vandalized Wikipedia pages.

[post_page_title]The true emotion[/post_page_title]

Most of us have felt sadness over the years, but have you ever felt blue enough you need to head to the Wikipedia page? Well, if you have then chances are you might have been cheered up by this hilarious addition.

The true emotion

It looks as though someone had enough of all those sad feelings and wanted to inject some happiness into the page instead. To be honest, many of us would be crying at the thought of losing a perfectly good hot dog to the asphalt.

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