Epic times people have hilariously changed Wikipedia pages

[post_page_title]The king of comedy[/post_page_title]

There have been many comedians over the years. However, it seems as though only the greats can make their way into the history books. Ryan Stiles is one of the many that has kept us on the floor with laughter.

As well as the stand-up show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Ryan also gained a huge fan base from the sitcom Two and a Half Men. Perhaps it’s no wonder that comedy will leave this Earth the same day Ryan Stiles departs?

[post_page_title]From above[/post_page_title]

Kanye West, the rapper that has caused quite the controversy over the last few years with his outrageous and hilarious statements. As well as comparing himself to the current President of the United States, Kanye has also compared himself to both Jesus and God.

Rather than lash out at the musician, it seems as though this person was much more content hilariously vandalizing Wikipedia to get Kanye’s attention instead. Oh Internet, you’re too kind to us sometimes.

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