What these famous celebs look like without their signature looks

Celebrities aren’t just people – they’re brands. Not only does everything they do and say counts, but also the way they look. Especially the way they look, actually. And though they like to reinvent themselves on occasion, most stars do have a signature look they stick to. This got us wondering – what do they look like without it? Well, buckle up, because we’ve got answers.

[post_page_title]Amy Adams[/post_page_title]

Amy Adams might just owe her career to changing her hair color. For about 15 years, we’ve known the six-time Oscar nominee as having rich red hair. In fact, her very first Oscar nomination, for 2006’s Junebug, can be traced to that hairstyle change. Before going red, Adams sported her natural strawberry blond hair, which you can still see in her very first role as a ditzy cheerleader in 1999’s Drop Dead Gorgeous. That change, she claimed, made all the difference. “The minute I went red,” she revealed, “it was quirky and fun instead of flirtatious and dumb.”

Amy Adams

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