Kevin Costner Opens Up About Finding Love After Years of Being Single

The tabloids and media love to focus on celebrity romances, and one celebrity who has had his fair share of romantic rumors is the actor, Kevin Costner. From the time he ended his marriage with his college sweetheart in 1994, it seems as though Costner has been unable to settle down on his relentless search for his one true love. It seems as though the actor has experienced it all: deception, infidelity, heartbreak, falling in love, and divorce.

Things for Costner have only recently slowed down a fair bit, and today he is happily married. However, getting to the point of being in a seemingly stable relationship with a woman who seems to have changed Costner for the better, was a long and tiring journey. This family man that has a beautiful and loving wife, as well as a number of children, was known in his earlier days as being a notorious playboy. Here is a glimpse into Costner’s journey to who he is today.

[post_page_title]A stable start[/post_page_title]

Kevin Costner has had quite the dating adventure. It started with a fairly troubling divorce that the actor went through just as his career took off. He then spent many years after on the hunt for a life partner.

A stable start

Throughout most of the ’90s, Costner was pretty much a notorious playboy, seeming to be a compulsive dater, going through one relationship after the next with little time spent being single in between. Obviously, this resulted in him gaining the reputation of being quite the womanizer.

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