Little known facts about The Ten Commandments

[post_page_title]Groundbreaking special effects[/post_page_title]

Despite being a biblical story, The Ten Commandments was a movie filled with all the latest special effects. Between the burning bush, the pillar of fire, the Angel of Death, and the giving of the commandments, the special effects department had their hands full.

However, the effect that was undoubtedly the most impressive, and considered to be the most complex effect to ever be attempted at the time, was the infamous parting of the Red Sea. It reportedly took 360,000 gallons of water to make it happen! The effects even earned the film nominations and wins at multiple award shows. To this day, the image of the Red Sea parting is easily recognizable and completely iconic.

[post_page_title]High expenses [/post_page_title]

In 1956, at the time of its release, The Ten Commandments was the most expensive movie to have ever been made.

Between the elaborate sets, intricate costumes, huge amount of props, cutting-edge special effects, and the sheer number of people involved in its creation, it would have been difficult for Cecil B. DeMille to spend any less. But considering its amazing success, and how long its renown has survived, it seems to have been well worth every penny.

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