The true story behind Tori Spelling’s journey

Tori Spelling is a famous actress who appeared on both television and film. Her most famous role was of Donna Martin in the cult classic Beverly Hills, 90210. Unfortunately, she was unable to catapult that show’s success into financial stability. Due to her inability to adapt to a similar lifestyle and her disconnection from her affluent parents, Tori had been in debt during most of her adult life. Her father is the successful producer Aaron Spelling who was behind hits like Charlie’s Angels, Melrose Place, and Beverly Hills, 90210. Even so, she auditioned under a false last name and still landed the part.

Tori’s problems are not only monetary. Her marriage had gone through various painful experiences. Despite that, Tori and her husband, actor Dean McDermott, persevered, and they are still together with five kids. On a different front, Tori’s relationship with her mother has also known its ups and down, and their estrangement peaked when Tori was famously given only a fraction of her late father’s estate. Her life has certainly included its fair share of drama, and makes for a fascinating read. To that end, We have collected some of the most interesting stories Tori Spelling. Keep reading to learn more about Tori’s hectic journey through Hollywood’s star-making machine, all the way to her more more modest life at present.

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Tori didn’t have a healthy relationship with her mother over the years, which is evident in the numerous autobiographies she has written. Tori’s mother, Candy, commented about it in her own autobiographical book, saying their disconnection may come from Candy’s poor communication skills and passive-aggressive behavior. However, she also stated that children can’t blame their parents for all of their problems, and they need to take responsibility for their actions. Candy admitted she disliked not being on speaking terms with her daughter for long periods of time, despite their fraught history. As an example for the distance between them, Candy claims she had first met her son-in-law at Aaron Spelling’s funeral.

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