The true story behind Tori Spelling’s journey

[post_page_title]Notorious feud[/post_page_title]

In the VH1 sitcom So Notorious, which Tori co-created based on her life, her mother Candy is portrayed as distant and self-absorbed. According to the show’s narrative, Tori’s often erratic behavior originated from the upbringing she received from her inadequate mother. The sitcom also features Tori’s nanny as the central maternal figure in her life. Seeing how critically she was shown to be on her daughter’s show, Candy said she was deeply hurt by her portrayal. The gap between the two women was indeed hard to overcome, but the mother and daughter eventually reconciled. In addition their wish to reconnect, it was rumored that Tori’s dire financial situation was a major factor in her decision to reconcile with her mother.

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