World’s most beautiful dwarf is too tall

Jaee McGee was named “world’s most beautiful dwarf” in 2017. However, after she received her title, people were stunned to find that there was one specific guideline that McGee had failed to meet. The model was too tall to accept the award, leaving many people to wonder what would happen next.

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It’s nice when other people respond positively to what you do. Although we don’t need acceptance from others to feel justified, having their approval gives an excellent boost to our self-esteem.

Jaee McGee, a model from Texas, found that out in 2017 after getting a lot of support on her social media accounts. People became such huge fans of hers that some online publications ended up naming her the “world’s most beautiful dwarf.” It was quite an honor for McGee; there was just one problem – she was too tall.

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