40 years and counting: the story of Kiss’ Gene Simmons

Back in the 1950s, a new genre of music was born that changed the music world as we know it – rock-and-roll. The electric guitar became available to the masses, with many famous bands of the era trying to be the first to incorporate the new sound into their music. It was in this decade that the King of Rock-and-Roll, Elvis Presley, made his debut on the charts, paving the way for all future artists to come. By the ‘60s rock music was dominating the charts with the likes of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin claiming all the top spots. It was in the 1970s that rock-and-roll came into its own. Rock bands grew more and more popular, as they started to sell out stadiums rather than playing at local clubs. Pretty soon, new sub-genres such as soft and glitter rock were also created. Live albums became the hottest thing to produce, and everyone was jumping on the rock bandwagon. As rock-and-roll gained more and more prominence, there was one band that was undeniably at the helm of breakthrough music: Kiss. With their over the top makeup and costumes, an incredible stage presence, and classic songs such as Black Diamond, I Was Made for Lovin’ You, and Shout It Out Loud, Kiss and front man Gene Simmons sealed their fate as one of the most prolific rock bands of all time.

Kiss’ four members released seven albums in the 1970s that saw them become icons of their time, with searing guitar solos, killer lyrics and a magnetic stage presence. But with so much competition with the rapidly developing rock-and-roll genre, Kiss needed a selling point that no one else had. And that’s where Gene Simmons stepped up to the plate.

While the band members had always been about the music, Gene also wanted to make sure they reached the fame and fortune they deserved. This 25 Gold-certified album band had quite the selling point; the shows Kiss put on for their audience made their tickets some of the most sought-after items of their time, all thanks to Gene. The musician took it upon himself to perform the stunts needed to keep the audience wanting more.

But when the shows are over, the guitars are packed away, and the 50lbs of costume and makeup have been removed, The Demon returns to his natural form of Gene. So what is the man behind the demonic makeup like? We’re so used to seeing the fire-breathing performer that we’ve come to grow and love over the years, but when he’s off stage, this musician has a much more sensitive side. Stemming from his turbulent childhood, Gene Simmons has grown so used to playing The Demon it can be hard to remember who he really is. So is this all just an act, or is his stage persona, The Demon, the truth behind the man?

[post_page_title]The man behind the makeup[/post_page_title]

Gene Simmons has made his name through his music (and his tongue) as the bassist for the band Kiss. But when they’re not on stage there is a lot behind this musician that we don’t know. From the extra-martial affairs to the troubled childhood, Gene is no stranger to having his private life delved into and plastered all over the media. However, in recent years, stories of what has happened behind the scenes have emerged. With the decline of rock-and-roll, Gene is on an ongoing mission to save his industry…

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