Cast of Ace Ventura – Where they are now

Ace Ventura was the police comedy movie we didn’t know we needed in our lives until Jim Carrey brought the oddball character to life. Who better to play a zany detective than Carrey? It was a match made in heaven for the movie’s producers and few actors, if any, could have played the role so convincingly.

The plot revolved around the Miami Dolphins and one of their scorned ex-players, who vowed to take revenge on the entire roster. It was up to Ace to solve the case before more of the former players lost their lives, and he managed to save the day just in time. Through his unconventional means, Ace saved the day and the Dolphins’ legendary quarterback Dan Marino.

The pet detective had a love of animals and was very much a Dr. Doolittle character, using his intuitions with the animals to help him solve the case. That movie came out in 1994, over 20 years ago, and this is what the cast of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective are up to now.

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Sean Young portrayed Lt. Lois Einhorn before it’s later revealed she is the missing football player Ace has been searching for, Ray Finkle. Einhorn is the bigwig police lieutenant put in charge of finding out why football players were losing their lives, and how the abduction of the Miami Dolphins mascot was linked.

She immediately takes a disliking to Ace, but soon is won over by his charms. That proves to be her downfall as it helps Ace get closer to cracking the case, and realize she isn’t who she says she is. It turns out that Einhorn was Finkle all along and was the one responsible for all of the crimes that took place during the movie.

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