Cast of Ace Ventura – Where they are now

[post_page_title]Dan Marino – Then[/post_page_title]

Dan Marino’s role in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was an easy one as he was playing himself. The quarterback was still with the Miami Dolphins when the movie set came to town, so he was cast as himself. While it might have been his acting debut, it didn’t seem to hold him back.

According to Finkle, Marino was the reason why he missed his kick, causing his career to spiral out of control. Marino was kidnapped by Finkle, now posing as Einhorn, and was saved with just moments to spare as his enemy was getting ready to pull the trigger. Luckily for Marino, and the Dolphins fans, Ace was able to save the day, and Miami got their player back unharmed.

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