The complex family history of Cher’s kids, Chaz Bono and Elijah Allman

Losing their fathers

Starting her career in the 1960s, Cher was part of the musical duo Sonny & Cher, along with her first husband Sonny Bono. The husband-wife duo became a hit, selling millions of copies, and even had their own variety TV show, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. The two also had a daughter together named Chastity. After splitting up with Sonny, Cher married another musician – Gregg Allman, with whom she had another child, Elijah Blue. Cher’s kids grew up under the spotlight, and on the road while Cher was on tour. So who are Cher’s kids, and what makes their family one of the most drama-filled in history?

[post_page_title]Losing their fathers[/post_page_title]

Both Chaz and Elijah had complex relationships with their respective fathers. Chaz’s relationship with his musician father Sonny Bono became strained when Sonny turned to politics.

Losing their fathers

The difference in their views led to the two’s falling out, and not speaking for over a year before Sonny passed away in 1998. Elijah’s father, Gregg Allman (also a musician), passed away in 2017. Gregg, who was battling substance abuse for years, was absent from Elijah’s life as he was growing up, so the two weren’t very close prior to his death.

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