Where are these famous commercial stars today?

Even if a commercial is trying to sell us something that we have no interest in, if it is funny, it is more likely that we will get excited about the company that is advertising. This is why many companies have decided to create a comedic mascot or hire a famous, funny celebrity to endorse their product. So what are these commercial characters and actors up to today? We have comprised a list of famous commercial actors that have starred in unforgettable commercials. If you loved people like the Pine Sol lady, the GoDaddy girls and the Wendy’s girl and want to know what they are up to today then keep reading.

[post_page_title]Dos Equis[/post_page_title]

He is the most interesting man in the world! The famous Dos Equis commercial almost did not even exist as the company was originally seeking out a young actor to be the star of the beer commercials.

In the end, the part went to Jonathan Goldsmith after his wife (who is also his manager) mentioned to producers that he would be perfect for the role. They brought him in for an audition to see if it were true. Boy was she right! The commercial went viral instantly and it has become a part of pop culture as people are constantly making memes out of the ad and incorporating it into everyday language.

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