People weren’t very pleased when they got these online purchases

Size matters

When did you last order something online? Chances are, it wasn’t that long ago. We live in the digital age where going to the mall is no longer a necessity. If we need to buy something, we can just go online and order it within seconds. It’s a world away from how things used to be, and it’s both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, buying presents, groceries and whatever else you need has never been more convenient.

With the arrival of services like Amazon Prime, you don’t even have to wait that long for your packages to show up either. However, while most people get what they paid for, not every online purchase turns up in the same condition as it was advertised. Have you ever been the victim of a good purchase gone bad? If so, you might feel for these poor customers. That doesn’t mean you can’t still find the humor in their misfortune, though. They’ve had the worst luck.

[post_page_title]Size matters[/post_page_title]

Pets are expensive to buy for. There are so many costs that come with things like food and vet bills that you can end up tearing your hair out wishing they weren’t bleeding you dry. You still pay the expenses, because you love your animals, but it makes you very cautious about what you spend your money on.

Size matters

That’s why the last thing any pet owner wants is to find that the item they bought is not in the same condition as it was online. We don’t think this customer was very impressed when this climbing post showed up a little smaller than what they’d expected. The cat definitely doesn’t look happy.

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