The inspiring story of ‘This Is Us” star Chrissy Metz, and her amazing transformation

One of the most popular shows on the television today is the NBC drama series This Is Us – and one of the reasons for that is the wonderfully poignant acting of Chrissy Metz. On the show, she plays the role of Kate Pearson, a woman in her 30s who is struggling with her weight – but we later learn that she’s in fact struggling with much more. So much of what makes This Is Us such a tear jerking series is its ability to convey emotion, and Chrissy Metz is a natural at it. Recently, we found out what makes her so perfect to play the part of Kate – it turns out that her and her on-screen character have a lot in common.

As you’ll soon see, Chrissy has certainly been through the ringer growing, in many different elements in her life. From the social hardships she had to face growing up, getting picked on in high school, to the career failures she had to endure before finally landing the role of Kate – her story has not only been inspiring to us and hundreds of thousands of others – but there’s also something extraordinary about it. Come join us as we dive into the parallel worlds of Chrissy Metz and her on-screen alias, Kate Pearson, as we found out that getting the gig may have truly been her destiny.

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Chrissy Metz is best known for the outstanding work she’s done in portraying the role of Kate Pearson, a young woman struggling with weight loss, on the hit NBC television drama series This Is Us. The show has not only been successful based on audiences opinions – critics have revered it as well, giving the series numerous awards. On a show with many talented cast members, Chrissy fits right in with her amazing ability to evoke emotion out of any given scenario. But what is it about Chrissy that has so many fans across the world clamoring to the see the next episode? It turns out that her story is truly one for the ages.

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