Gossip Girl is getting a reboot, so we’re catching up on the ladies of the cast

[post_page_title]Amanda Setton as Penelope Shafai[/post_page_title]

Another one of Blair’s loyal minions is Penelope. Constantly shifting her loyalties between Blair and Jenny, and never attempting to hide her crush on Nate (an ex of Blair’s – hasn’t she read the rules of feminism?), Penelope keeps proving she is one of the more opinionated members of the clique.

Amanda Setton as Penelope Shafai

Her plans are never very well thought-out, and with all of her many scheming and undermining, she may not be one of the nicest characters, but we still enjoyed her attempts to to wreak havoc on the Upper East Side.

[post_page_title]Amanda Setton – today[/post_page_title]

As a very talented actress, Amanda’s romance with television didn’t end when Gossip Girl did. She had a recurring role in the Hawaii Five-O reboot, and she was also cast as a series regular on The Crazy Ones and in comedian genius Mindy Kaling’s The Mindy Project.

Amanda Setton – today

Unfortunately, her character on The Mindy Project was cut out of the show for creative reasons before the end of season one, disappointing many of the show’s fans. We’re not quite sure what happened there, but we’d love to see more of Amanda.

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