A single mom wins the lottery only to get sued by someone close to her

[post_page_title]Staying out of the media[/post_page_title]

When a person wins the lottery, they have the choice to remain anonymous. However, in a world filled with social media and instant access to information, this is quite a challenge. If a normally modest person suddenly starts wearing new clothes and driving a fancy car, everyone around them will want in on the action.


Some people will use guilt to get the winner’s money claiming they would be generous if they were the winner. This is the reason experts say that lottery winners should their continue on having a normal lifestyle.

[post_page_title]She wasn’t going to change[/post_page_title]

Being thrust into a situation where you are suddenly given so much responsibility and power can become overwhelming. But Marie swore that she wouldn’t allow the money to affect her personality.


Many were making theories about what she would do with her win but her family members believed that she’d remain humble. Marie’s uncle said, “Marie is very grounded and she will know what to do with all that money.” Many thought that she intended to give back to the local church that gave her so much.

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