The biggest controversies to have ever hit The Food Network

[post_page_title]Padma Lakshmi firmly stood her ground on Indian cuisine[/post_page_title]

There’s very little Padma Lakshmi hasn’t done. She’s been a model, a television presenter for shows like Top Chef, an actress, and even an author of cookbooks. She also hosted two shows on the Food Network, one of which involved her introducing American audiences to world cuisine. Oh, that reminds us, there IS one thing she hasn’t done – suffered fools gladly. In late 2019, journalist Tom Nichols replied to a tweet looking for controversial food opinions with, “Indian food is terrible and we pretend it isn’t.” Padma was not amused, replying, “Do you not have tastebuds?” Ouch.

Padma Lakshmi firmly stood her ground on Indian cuisine

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