After her mysterious disappearance, one woman was deemed the ‘Real-Life Gone Girl’

It was a story stranger than fiction. A woman is kidnapped from her boyfriend’s bed in the middle of the night. She then turns up two days later wearing a pair of sunglasses and grasping a bag, claiming she was assaulted by strangers. She and her boyfriend go to the police to report the crime and are not only ignored, but are shocked when the police publicly come out to say they had staged a hoax. It was a humiliating experience for the young couple and when the national media caught wind of the incident, the woman was called the Real-Life Gone Girl.

This “Gone Girl” is Denise Huskins. She is a physical therapist in Vallejo, California. She was received her nickname from the hit suspense novel and film starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. To understand the reference you first must know the twist ending to the story (we won’t give it away just yet), but it’s a pretty tough accusation to get from the police. The police’s refusal to investigate and substantiate Denise and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn’s ordeal made the couple fight harder to uncover the truth about what had happened to her. Finally, after three embattled years, the case was brought back to national attention after a shocking finale that no one could have predicted.
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When Denise Huskins reported her assault and kidnapping, the police said her story was too crazy to be real. They couldn’t put the pieces together and so they came out publicly to say that she was lying when she reported a masked assailant kidnapped her from her boyfriend’s bed, assaulted her, and dropped her off 400 miles away. The police said that she and her boyfriend (who are now engaged) staged the entire incident. When the story reached the national airwaves, the media called her the “Real-Life Gone Girl.” They repeated what the cops told them – that she is lying and she made up the entire story to get attention.

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