After her mysterious disappearance, one woman was deemed the ‘Real-Life Gone Girl’

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Finally, Denise turned up alive. When she and Aaron reunited at long last they went back to the police department together. It was then that the authorities told them to their faces that they did not believe their story. When the local news media began to cover the bizarre story, the police were compelled to issue a press conference. “Our investigation has concluded that none of [Denise and Aaron’s] claims have been substantiated,” the Vallejo Police Department said soon after Denise reappeared. “Mr. Quinn and Ms. Huskins have plundered valuable resources away from our community.” It was a horrific slap in the face for the couple, and especially Denise, who just went through serious trauma. As soon as the police came forward to say that they do not believe her, she was quickly deemed the Real-Life Gone Girl.

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