The unusual story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter

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Considering how excited everyone got when Angelina was pregnant the first time, you can only imagine how excited she got when she was pregnant with twins. Media outlets were crazed as they pined over the possibility of getting their hands on those first pictures of the twins, but Brangelina decided to take their time. After spending precious time with their newborns, they finally sold the pictures to a publication for a whopping total of $14 million, which they gave to charity.

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But even though everyone was excited about the new twins, the media still wasn’t quite done with their infatuation with Shiloh. As she continued to get older, the paparazzi took every opportunity they could get to get a shot of that girl. Their main focus was the fact that she looked so very much like her father. People had always been in love with Brad, but now he had a daughter that was his spinning image.

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