The unusual story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter

[post_page_title]Good genes[/post_page_title]

It would seem that out of all their children, the one who the media wanted to focus on the most was Shiloh. They kept saying that she was the winner of the “genetic lottery,” citing her parents as two of the most attractive people in Hollywood. As Shiloh got older, the media continued to talk about her looks, commenting on how beautiful a toddler she was. That kind of attention probably isn’t too great for a child, but she seemed unfazed by it all.

[post_page_title]A big family[/post_page_title]

Okay, so now they had Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh and Pax – now it was time for them to add to the clan. This time, they weren’t going to travel anywhere – the news had come that Angelina was expecting yet another child. Oh wait, scratch that. She was expecting two children! The news reported that she was now expecting twins, and people couldn’t be happier. On July 12th, 2008, Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Léon were born, rounding out the Brangelina kids to six.

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