The unusual story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter

[post_page_title]Keeping away[/post_page_title]

But while it’s nice that everyone was excited about Angelina’s pregnancy, the paparazzi weren’t giving them a moments peace. Wherever the couple went, they were bombarded with cameras, iPhones, iPads, what have you. It became clear that they were too famous for their own good, and decided to get away. So where did these two lovebirds decide to take their children? For the final period of Angelina’s pregnancy, they decided to go to Namibia.

[post_page_title]More security[/post_page_title]

Of course, there is that song that goes, “I’ll go wherever you will go,” and that lyric proved all too true with Brad and his lovely lady Angelina. Even though they had traveled all the way to Namibia to get away from all the noise, the noise figured it would follow them all the way there. The problem was, they needed peace and quiet for when the baby was finally born. So they asked the Namibian government for a quiet place where no one could find them.

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