The unusual story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter


Photographs were constantly emerging of Shiloh appearing more and more like a boy and the rumor mill began turning. Some big media outlets understood that this was a story their readers would want to know about so they started to twist it a little to make it more about the way that Angelina and Brad raise their children. They even accused Angelina back in 2010 of turning their daughter into a son and allowing her to dress the way she was, saying that what they were doing was wrong.

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In the beginning, readers ignored what was in the papers because it was about a young child. Of course, however, there were those who had strong opinions about the subject and chose to voice them very loudly – positive and negative. There was a nonprofit organization that fought against social inequality that stated the parents were not doing anything wrong. The company claimed that allowing their children to decide for themselves who they are and allowing them to go against the social norm was wonderful. Soon after, Angelina spoke out too.

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