The unusual story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter

[post_page_title]Cash problems[/post_page_title]

That was not the only investigation that was going on involving Brad. After many exhaustive legal battles and interviews in the media, Jolie announced that Pitt had not been paying child support and was doing nothing to support his children financially. There was a stall in the court case when the two could not reach some kind of agreement for their divorce. The media vultures took over and began reporting on the matter, ruining Pitt’s reputation even more.

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Their luxurious lifestyle aside, the Jolie-Pitt children are still just a bunch of kids and were affected by their familial issues as any group of siblings would be. They were devastated by their parents’ separation and having the authorities looking into their father just made things even more difficult for them. There are sources stating that the separation hit Shiloh the hardest. It’s been said that she is just not the same Shiloh that she was before. She was a bubbly kid before her entire world changed.

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