The unusual story of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter

[post_page_title]Diverse family[/post_page_title]

At this point, people started to question the actions of the couple. Sure, it was valiant of them to adopt so many children, but was it responsible? Would they have enough time for all of them? In Brad and Angelina’s minds, they would love each and every one of their children proudly and unconditionally. They saw no race or color, and they were extremely proud to have such a large and diverse family – and this was clear from the joy on their faces.


As their children grew older, they were all pretty used to the constant attention. They were used to it their entire lives, so they probably didn’t even notice it after a while. They would sometimes joke that Shiloh was the only one who didn’t look like Angelina, which was funny because she was her biological daughter. That said, Angelina did point out that her blonde hair and blue eyes made her look a lot like her pops.

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