Big costume mistakes made in famous films

Sometimes a film comes along that is so groundbreaking that it makes an impact on popular culture. Classic films including Back to the Future, Pretty Woman, Schindler’s’ List, and Catch Me If You Can became instant hits and gained acclaim and won awards. However, they also share the fact that there are glaring costume flaws. While some mistakes may be unnoticeable to the average person, there are some that are so big that you cannot miss them.

To most of us, these costume mistakes go unnoticed. We are too involved in the story to realize that a character is wearing the wrong attire. Many history buffs, however, can’t get past the mistakes that are calling out to them from the screen. These guys are known for pointing out the errors that directors have made and make sure the public knows the accurate information. Keep reading to find out which of your favorite movies are plagued by costume mistakes.

[post_page_title]Dirty Dancing| Baby shouldn’t be wearing shorts[/post_page_title]

No one puts Baby in the corner! The famous film was set in the year 1963, which brings Baby’s wardrobe into question. It would be unlikely that Baby would be wearing denim shorts as they were not in fashion at the time.


A denim skirt would have been more accurate as denim shorts only gained popularity beginning in the 1980s. Most audiences members have no problem with this little slip up as it does not take away from the amazing movie.

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