Big costume mistakes made in famous films

[post_page_title]Captain America| Her hair should be up[/post_page_title]

The Captain America franchise is very successful and a lot of people went out to see the first movie. The movie was set while World War II was raging, which means that Peggy Carter who is pictured here, should be wearing her hair up.


It was mandatory for women in the Army to have their hair up and off their soldiers. While it is not accurate, her hair does look great!

[post_page_title]John Carter| The revealing princess costume [/post_page_title]

Audiences couldn’t help but notice that Princess Dejah Thoris in Disney’s John Carter was wearing an outfit that, shall we say, was quite revealing. Both the actress, Lynn Collins, and the film’s director admitted that the costume is not what he had originally envisioned for her.

When Collins first tried it on she felt like it should be cut higher, and requested they change it. However, that being said, in the books the movie is based the costumes are even more risqué, with the princess only being adorned in ornaments.

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