Big costume mistakes made in famous films

[post_page_title]Gone With the Wind| Hoop skirts are not that easy [/post_page_title]

Gone With the Wind certainly had some noticeable errors. Besides the fact that electric cords popped up, or facts about the Civil War were wrong, there were also some unrealistic moments with Scarlett’s hoop skirt.

In one scene she doesn’t even finish tying it on before her dress goes over her head, which meant it never would have stayed up. We also see her take out the many layers of her dress only to have it all on in a snap, which is so not how that worked back in the day.

[post_page_title]The Mummy| Jonathan’s shirt was magically fixed [/post_page_title]

The Mummy is one of those movies that if you go back and watch it now you’ll be shocked at all the continuity errors throughout it. From actors suddenly switching the sides they were standing on, to when Rick’s hand somehow uncuffs itself in the matter of seconds, it can be a bit frustrating.

One of the more glaring ones happens when Rick cuts open Jonathan’s shirt with his knife in order to remove a beetle, but just moments after as Jonathan enters the temple his shirt is magically in tact.

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