Big costume mistakes made in famous films

[post_page_title]Legends of the Fall| Brad Pitt’s hair is too long[/post_page_title]

Brad Pitt stars in the movie Legends of the Fall as the attractive Tristan Ludlow. However, Pitt’s hairstyle seems out of place as the storyline took place in the 1910s.


Pitt’s flowing locks do not really fit the time period and appear to be something out of the 60s. While we still think that Brad looks great, it would have been more accurate if he had short hair and was clean shaven.

[post_page_title]Troy| Parasols were not invented[/post_page_title]

The story of Troy was set during the Trojan War so the pink parasol pictured here does not belong. The shading tool was invented by the Greeks and it became very fashionable.


However, this only occurred around 800 years after the taking of Troy. Will let this inaccuracy slide as that is pretty specific information that most of us would not know. Plus Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger look great together on their chariot.

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