Female celebrities you didn’t know were young moms

Many couples in today’s world are waiting longer and longer to have children until they enter their 30s. Maybe it’s because of the cost of living, maybe it’s because they’re not ready, or maybe it just took them longer to find the one and settle down. There are others, however, who start having children rather young – some of our favorite celebrities included. A few of these pregnancies were by surprise, a few were a purposeful result, but regardless, they found themselves dealing with family life in the public eye while still figuring things out for themselves.

Some of these moms consider motherhood, even at such a young age, to be the best decision they have ever made. Others wish they would have waited until they were just a little bit older to have children, though they still cherish being a mother and would not change it for the world.

Most of us remember how brutally Jamie Lynn Spears was criticized in the media when she announced she was pregnant at the age of 16. While Spears’ may be among the most famous teenage pregnancies in recent memory, there are many other famous women who became mothers at a young age. Keep reading to find out who became a young mom, and see how these tough ladies handled their challenging new role.
[post_page_title]Solange Knowles[/post_page_title]

Despite taking on a heap of responsibilities as a young mom, Solange Knowles proved her big sis, Queen Bey, isn’t the only fierce one in the family. The unofficial fourth Destiny’s Child managed to create her own mega successful career as a musician, model, and actress – all while raising her young son, Daniel Julez J. Smith, Jr., who was born four months after her 18th birthday. Solange considers her son “the greatest unplanned blessing.” She married his father, Daniel Smith at the age of 17, but the two divorced in 2007, after which Solange went on to marry music video director Alan Ferguson in 2014, in a lavish wedding that kept her turnt all night long.

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