These amazing 29 warships will totally change the future

For some strange reason, the navy gets a bad rep. Ships have the ability to shoot rockets and missiles thousands of miles away and accurately hit targets, and massive warships have the ability to appear as simple fishing boats on radar. Coupled with the emerging threats from terrorists, the world’s naval vessels are becoming the epitome of war technology. Here are 29 of the most futuristic ships helping to keep our oceans safe.

[post_page_title]USS Coronado[/post_page_title]

This ship is named after the city of Coronado, California. A littoral combat ship, the ship’s main objectives are to participate both in anti-mine warfare as well as provide combat support for surface warfare.


However, the primary objective of the ship is to quickly and effectively get troops landed onto an enemy beach head while providing them with cover. The Coronado is one of the fastest ships in the US Navy, as it is able to hit speeds of up to 54 miles per hour.

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