World roundup: the strongest militaries in the world

There always seems to be talk of war. Because of this, we wanted to see where different militaries’ various strengths and weaknesses lay, and which armies were stronger than the other. We understand that not every variable can be taken into account, but we did look at several important ones in helping us to rank each country based on strength.

The criteria we used were how large the military was, how advanced the technology being used by the military is, how much influence the military has, and how well the military is integrated into the regional dynamic. With so much going on in the world today, it is worth it to look at all of the different countries’ militaries and assess their strengths and weaknesses. Was their military built to be stronger against homegrown militant threats? Or for warfare against other countries? Or maybe even both?

[post_page_title]41. Colombia[/post_page_title]

Of the three divisions comprising the Colombian Armed Forces, the National Army is easily the largest, followed by the air force and the navy. With almost 445,000 soldiers, this battle tested military has been proving its mettle in the fight against traffickers and FARC communist militants.

Today the Colombian government is using the armed forces in order to stem the flow of refugees and illicit substances coming in from Venezuela and Brazil.

[post_page_title]40. Philippines[/post_page_title]

The Philippines is an enormous country which is comprised of over 7,000 separate islands. It is therefore logical that it would have a large military of nearly a quarter million active duty personnel.


The military is not just there for show however, and has been fighting Islamist separatists in the south of the country. In fact, the military recently ousted ISIS from its stronghold in the city of Marawi.

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