World roundup: the strongest militaries in the world

[post_page_title]39. Denmark[/post_page_title]

The smallest Scandinavian country, Denmark’s military definitely fits its size. With peaceful neighbors on all of its borders, Denmark only has 25,000 active duty personnel. In fact, the country’s only military dispute is with Canada.


Denmark owns Greenland, and there is a tiny island off its coast is claimed by both Denmark and Canada. So, every year, the Danes will go there, plant a flag, and leave a bottle of schnapps. Then the Canadians will go up there, replace the Danish flag with a Canadian one, and leave a bottle of whiskey.

[post_page_title]38. Spain[/post_page_title]

Spain used to be the strongest military in the world, but after a massive civil war and being under control by fascist dictator Francisco Franco, the Spanish have decided to cool it down a bit.


Their military is now a part of NATO but refuses to have a major role in any military confrontation. However, it does send troops to support NATO missions, most notably bombing Libya in 2011. Nowadays, the Spanish military primarily sends troops on peacekeeping missions.

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