Side-by-side photos of actors vs. the real people they played

[post_page_title]Charlize Theron vs. Aileen Wuornos[/post_page_title]

Whenever total commitment to a role is brought up, Charlize Theron has to be near the top of the conversation. To take on the part of convicted criminal Aileen Wuornos, who took the lives of seven men, she went to lengths not often seen in Hollywood – especially by one of the world’s most beautiful women. Theron shaved her eyebrows and colored her hair, while wearing makeup, contacts, and prosthetic teeth. It wasn’t just that, though – she gained 30 pounds for the role, so she could feel that she was psychically inhabiting Wuornos’ skin. The role won her an Oscar.

Charlize Theron vs. Aileen Wuornos

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