Side-by-side photos of actors vs. the real people they played

[post_page_title]John Travolta vs. Robert Shapiro[/post_page_title]

The People Vs. O.J. Simpson had many riveting performances, as it attempted to untangle the three-ring circus that was O.J. Simpson’s criminal trial, in the wake of the slaying of his ex-wife and her boyfriend. While the TV show gave multiple actors the time to shine, perhaps no performance was more polarizing than John Travolta as defense attorney Robert Shapiro. Chewing as much scenery as he possibly can, Travolta copied Shapiro’s larger-than-life persona by reading books about him and studying tapes of the man to get his style of speaking and physical gestures. Whether it worked or not we’ll leave up to you.

John Travolta vs. Robert Shapiro

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