Side-by-side photos of actors vs. the real people they played

[post_page_title]Kate Middleton vs. Camilla Luddington[/post_page_title]

Even though she’s a fairly recent addition to the Royal Family, Kate Middleton quickly shot to the very top of any list of most popular royals. Her years’ long courtship with Prince William only contributed to the magic surrounding the couple’s relationship. In fact, royal mania was in full gear in the lead-up to their 2011 wedding, so the Lifetime network grabbed the opportunity and released William & Kate: The Movie. Cast as Kate was Grey’s Anatomy’s Camilla Luddington. Apart from looking much like the Duchess, Luddington actually attended “Princess School” to learn royal mannerisms, such as proper curtsying.

Kate Middleton vs. Camilla Luddington

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