Actors who almost got the roles on your favorite TV shows

[post_page_title]David Cross vs. Hugh Laurie[/post_page_title]

House could have nearly seen a whole different take on the role of the lead, Dr. Greg House. Before Hugh Laurie got his British hands on the part of the know it all Dr., the show took a major interest in David Cross.

The actor was used to playing a medical character as David had become famous for his role as Dr. Funke for the hit show, Arrested Development. David was such a popular choice by the producers that he was only a few auditions from being offered the part.

[post_page_title]Ethan Embry vs. Andrew Lincoln[/post_page_title]

When it comes to The Walking Dead, many of us have loved watching Andrew Lincoln play Rick Grimes for years. Before appearing on the show, Andrew was mostly recognized as Mark, the best man, in Love Actually.

The show was the break Andrew had been dreaming of. However, Rick could’ve been entirely different as Ethan Embry was looking to break from movie acting into the world of television. Sadly for Ethan, he didn’t make it past the show’s auditions.

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