Actors who almost got the roles on your favorite TV shows

[post_page_title]Rob Lowe vs. Patrick Dempsey[/post_page_title]

Back in the ‘80s, Patrick Dempsey was the face of nearly every poster after his appearances in movies such as Loverboy and Can’t Buy Me Love. Even though the roles saw Patrick become one of the most loved heartthrobs of his time, they also meant he struggled to land any other type of character.

When 2005 rolled around, Patrick was in for some luck as he was cast to play Dr. Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy. However, the actor singing up meant that Rob Lowe lost out on the chance.

[post_page_title]Paul Shaffer vs. Jason Alexander[/post_page_title]

When it came to finding a person to play George Costanza in Seinfeld, the co-creator of the show, Jerry Seinfeld, had one person in mind: Paul Shaffer. Sadly for the actor, it appeared as though he was to busy filming Late Night with David Letterman to get the memo.

The lack of interest meant the part was quickly offered to Jason Alexander instead. The part saw Jason’s career skyrocket. He not only won a considerable number of awards for playing George, but he also began a fruitful TV directing career.

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