Actors who almost got the roles on your favorite TV shows

[post_page_title]Lindsay Lohan vs. Hilary Duff[/post_page_title]

Lizzie McGuire was one of Disney Channel’s staple shows for many of us growing up. Lindsay Lohan had made a huge name for herself as a child actress after her role in The Parent Trap, but the producers loved the acting style of Hilary Duff.

Although Lindsay was unable to land the lead character on the show, the actress later worked with Disney Channel for Herbie: Fully Loaded, in addition to starring in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls.

[post_page_title]Michael Keaton vs. Matthew Fox[/post_page_title]

Golden Globe and SAG-winning actor Michael Keaton was all lined up to take on the role of Jack Shepard for the show, Lost. However, that all changed when the writer informed Michael that his character would only be appearing in the pilot of the show.

Looking for a more permanent job, Michael turned down the role. That is where Matthew Fox stepped in, but when the actor wowed the producers his character’s story was quickly expanded. Thankfully for Michael, he has gone on to land plenty more roles, including the celebrated Birdman.

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